Specialty Options

Your hardwood floor can really come to life with a special finish. Distressed finishes, inlays, and even painted looks bring a custom quality design to your home.

When it comes to installing new flooring, Carolina Wood Floors can offer more options than you may have known existed. From borders to medallions, to distressed looks to paint, we offer a wide-variety of finishing touches to help make your floors as unique as you are.

  • Borders – Borders create a framing effect in a particular room or area, usually by using contrasting colors of wood or stain.
  • Medallions – Give your home an ornamental feel by installing a medallion in the main field of the floor. Medallions can use several different species of wood or other mixed media, such as stone, metal or leather. You can also design customized medallions, such as family crests, to create a look that is distinctly your own.
  • Hand-Distressing – For homeowners who prefer the antique look, hand-distressing can add some rustic charm. By using tools such as chisels, wire brushes, awls, ice picks, and grinders, you can achieve a beautiful well-worn appearance.
  • Painted Floors – Hand painted borders or designs can add dramatic flair and personal style to your hardwood floors. Some options to consider include vine borders, flowers in the corners or even an intricate “rug” painted right in the middle of your floor.
  • Mixed Media – Consider using stone, tile, slate, marble, metal and even leather to enhance the appearance of your wood floors.

Finishing Options