All About Hardwood

For many people, nothing can compare to the beauty, warmth and value of hardwood floors. See for yourself how hardwood can transform your home.

Popular varieties of hardwood floors include:

  • Birch – A stiff wood with excellent shock resistance.
  • Pecan/Hickory – Combines strength, hardness, durability and stiffness.
  • Heart Pine – Often used for flooring; can be distressed to create an antique look.
  • American Cherry – One of America’s favorite woods; is prized for its color and grain.
  • Walnut – An elegant, dark wood used to create stylish designs.
  • Ash – Renowned for its toughness and resilience.
  • Oak – An American classic and the most popular wood flooring choice.
  • Maple – Dense, strong, tough wood used to create stylish designs.
  • Brazilian Cherry – A highly resilient wood that changes color over time.
  • Mahogany – A deep, rich and strong wood with dark accents

Types of Wood

Finishing Options

Specialty Flooring