Hand-scraped hardwood floors lend any room a unique shabby-chic look. “Hand-scraped floors” means the planks of hardwood have been scraped with special tools to create a gently distressed look. In order to best accompany the natural variations in the wood, colors, grains, and patterns in each plank, the wood’s natural details are individually considered before the hand-scraping technique is applied. The personalized touch ensures that no two planks are alike.

Hand-Scraped Hardwood Floors Are Versatile

Hardwood floors come in practically endless natural colors and stain variations; hand-scraped hardwood floors are no different. You can find a color to suit virtually any color scheme or décor. A rich, dark shade can help anchor a room that is mostly white or lighter-colored. On the other hand, a medium tone would enhance a minimalist room without overwhelming the overall look.

Hand-Scraped Hardwood Floors Are Low-Maintenance

Many people wonder if hand-scraped hardwood floors are right for their house. Designers often cite how forgiving hand-scraped hardwood can be, concealing any number of scratches, scrapes, and dings which only add to the overall distressed look. This makes hand-scraped floors especially beneficial for families with young children or rooms with particularly high traffic.

With more than 25 years of experience serving clients throughout Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we will install the hand-scraped hardwood floors that are sure to add an unmistakable rustic elegance to your home. Our flooring specialists understand the special appeal of hand-scraped hardwood and whether it’s the right choice for your personal style.

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