Hardwood floors have been popular choices for American homes since our nation’s founding. With their durability, versatility, and beauty, hardwood flooring has a fascinating history that’s evolved as the country has grown. Our hardwood floor specialists have over 25 years of experience serving Winston-Salem, North Carolina and would like to share a brief and fascinating history of hardwood floors.

Colonial America

During colonial times, hardwood floors needed to be tough and sturdy. The seemingly endless acres of old-growth forests provided ample lumber to make the flooring, but the manufacturing process was challenging and required intensive manpower. Trees were transformed into thick, wide planks of flooring that was typically left bare and unfinished after installation.

The Nineteenth Century

It wasn’t until the nineteenth century that the hardwood floors we recognize today became more common in American homes. This is due, in large part, to the invention of machinery that made the manufacturing process significantly easier. Floorboards were narrower, and by the turn of the twentieth century, homeowners were starting to use polishes and stains that made their flooring shine.

The Modern Era

Hardwood floors gradually lost some popularity, and by the 1950s, they became a hallmark of an “old” way of life. Wall-to-wall carpeting was a staple of most middle-class American homes. But over time, the historical quality and natural beauty of hardwood resurfaced, and homeowners began to once again embrace this timeless material. With modern equipment and manufacturing processes, there are countless strains of wood that can be easily harvested, and reclaiming old hardwood is a favored decorating trend for many contemporary homes.

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