For many homeowners, the dream of refinishing hardwood floors to their former glory is derailed by one pesky detail: dust! But thanks to improved technology, floor refinishing is now possible without annoying clouds of sawdust. Carolina Wood Floors has the equipment and expertise to refinish floors without the hassle and messy aftermath. Backed by over 25 years of experience, our team will beautifully refinish floors using their dust-containment system to keep your living space clean.

Keep reading to learn three perks of this revolutionary option for refinishing floors:

  • Less Preparation: Before the improvements in floor-refinishing technology, homeowners had to practically move out of their homes to make way for this dirty, disruptive process. But in today’s world, there is much less preparation. You don’t even have to cover your furniture!
  • Easier Cleanup: In the dusty old days, homeowners would return to their house after the refinishing process and find their home in shambles. But now, instead of spending days cleaning your house and ventilation system, you can enjoy your refinished floors right away and return to your normal routine with minimal hassle.
  • Healthier Environment: Kicking up dust throughout your home will create a miserable environment for anyone who suffers from allergies or respiratory disease. A specialized dust-containing system will make it possible to refinish floors while maintaining a healthy and comfortable living space for your family.

If you would like to refinish floors in your home while minimizing dust and disruption, contact us to learn more about our special dust-containment process. Call (336) 765-0680 to schedule a consultation.