Hardwood floors add a touch of beauty, old-fashioned charm, and natural elegance to any room. But there are many myths surrounding hardwood, particularly when it comes to maintenance. Contrary to what you may believe, hardwood floors are surprisingly easy to care for—and they collect fewer allergens and irritating particles than carpet. We are here to set the record straight, and lay some common misconceptions straight.

Three Myths About Hardwood Floors


1. You Can’t Have Hardwood Floors In The Kitchen

Many people mistakenly think that hardwood is sensitive and therefore inappropriate for high-traffic areas like the kitchen. Actually, hardwood is extremely durable and is just as perfect for the kitchen as it is for any other room in the house. Cleanup is also a breeze—just wipe a soft cloth over spills and stains.


2. You Can Wear High Heels On Hardwood Floors

While they may be fashionable, high heels can be disastrous for a wood floor. Their tiny stiletto points hit the floor’s surface with surprising force, which can result in scratches, nicks, and even dents. Our experts at Carolina Wood Floors suggest slipping high-heeled shoes off at the door.


3. Wet Mopping Is The Best Way To Clean Hardwood Floors

Over time, wet or even damp mopping can do more harm than good. A dry, microfiber dust mop is the ideal tool to keep your hardwood floors sparkling. Occasionally wet mopping probably won’t cause any permanent damage, but most of the time, it’s more effective to use a dry cloth.


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