Most of us know that hardwood floors are breathtakingly beautiful, easy to install, and available in a variety of styles to meet any budget or personal taste. But did you also know that hardwood has some unique benefits over carpeting? Our specialists at Carolina Wood Floors have over 25 years of experience providing exceptional hardwood floors to clients throughout the Winston-Salem, North Carolina, area; and we’re here to explain a few reasons hardwood is cleaner and easier to maintain than carpet.

Hardwood vs. Carpet: The Three Big Differences

Carpet Holds More Allergens

Given the thick, denser makeup of carpet, it attracts and harbors far more allergens and dust than hardwood floors. This is bad news for allergy sufferers and those sensitive to dust, mold or pets.

Hardwood Has Fewer Chemicals

So much modern carpeting contains chemicals, and processes like steam cleaning or shampooing add even more. Hardwood is a more natural choice. Let our flooring professionals help you find the hardwood floors that are easiest on your environment, budget, and cleaning schedule.

Hardwood Floors are Easier to Clean

Speaking of easy cleanup, hardwood floors have carpeting beat. There is a prevalent misconception that cleaning hardwood is laborious and painstaking, but this isn’t true. Cleaning is as simple as dusting and sweeping your hardwood floors, and most vacuum cleaners come with a hard floor attachment that makes this task incredibly simple. Spills also wipe up quickly without the threat of staining like carpeting.

Call us at (336) 765-0680 to learn more about our selection of hardwood floors. Without the dust, allergens, and harmful VOCs found in carpeting, it makes sense to choose hardwood floors over any other option.