If you’re looking to boost your home’s market value, Carolina Wood Floors knows at least one way you can do it and we can provide some of the best new flooring installation and flooring products in town. We are ready to help you make your home as marketable as possible.

The National Association of REALTORS® found that 54% of home buyers were willing to pay more for a home with hardwood. Here are three reasons why hardwood floors can make your home a more desirable property:

  • Hardwood Is Durable: Perhaps the top reason hardwood makes such an impact on home value is that it’s a very durable material. Unlike carpeting, tile, and laminate, hardwood floors can last for decades without diminishing in appearance or quality.
  • It’s Low Maintenance: One of the most appealing things about hardwood flooring is that it’s very low maintenance. By choosing hardwood floors over other options like carpeting or tiles, you’re ensuring that you’ll spend much less time cleaning, fixing, or maintaining its appearance.
  • Gives A Desirable Appearance: Because hardwood floors can span the entirety of a home, it gives the house a beautiful, uniform appearance. For many homeowners and home buyers, this is an appealing characteristic because it can often make the home look bigger. It also allows for creative freedom when considering furniture and décor options, especially in areas like living rooms, entries and dining rooms. Plus, the prestigious look of hardwood floors can go a long way to making a home just feel more valuable.

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