Winter is without a doubt the toughest season on hardwood floors. It’s easy to track in water, sand and salt, all of which can damage your floors. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to ensure your hardwood stays protected all season long. For over 25 years, our flooring specialists at Carolina Wood Floors have been providing the Winston-Salem, North Carolina, area with exceptional flooring and refinishing services. Read these tips for safeguarding your hardwood this winter.

Three Tips For Protecting Your Hardwood Floors This Winter


1. Put Mats By All Outside Doors

Invest in high-quality protective mats to place by every door that leads outside. Encourage people to wipe their feet thoroughly before entering, or even better, ask them to remove their shoes. Mats protect your hardwood floors from snow, debris and oils.


2. Sweep Regularly

Try to use a dust mop on your hardwood floors several times throughout the day during the winter. This will clean away debris that may cause scratches or discoloration.


3. Maintain Humidity Levels At 30–50%

With furnaces running in the winter, the air becomes considerably drier than it is during other times of the year. Dry air sometimes causes hardwood floorboards to shrink, creating gaps. You can prevent gaps by turning your humidifier to 30% to 50% humidity. As a bonus, this will help your skin stay moisturized, too!


Need to replace or refinish damaged floors? Call (336) 765-0680 to schedule an estimate today. By following the above tips, you can be confident your hardwood floors will look beautiful for years to come!